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Specific or combined pain management therapies can significantly reduce, arrest and prevent pain, stiffness and limited mobility, and assist in healing.

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Sports Injuries

Almost any sports injury can respond well to Chiropractic care, including the most common: tendonitis, strains and sprains. Sometimes the injury will be directly to the spine or its supporting muscles, as with an awkward or severe fall, an impact to or by the body, or various other causes. Sometimes the site of injury may be an extremity, in which case the application of Chiropractic treatment may be less obvious to some patients. But in almost all injuries, proper spinal function is key in healing injured tissues, restoring circulation to damaged areas and preserving range of motion as the muscles, tendons and blood vessels heal. Prescribed Chiropractic care can, in fact, help prevent many sport injuries by increasing joint function and mobility, thereby allowing the body to fend off damage.

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