Shockwave for Pain Treatment

Shockwave is also known as EPAT (Extracorporal Pressure Activation Therapy) and offers pain-free, non-invasive treatment for a variety of conditions.

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Etheredge Chiropractic is excited to now offer Shockwave, also referred to as Healthwave or Miraclewave,  as an additional therapy modality. Shockwave is a fantastic alternative to pain medication and injections, including PRP and Stem cells. 

At Etheredge Chiropractic, we have more than 30 years experience providing patients pain relief — adding Shockwave to our line-up of treatments and therapies is just one more way we are able to help improve our patients’ well-being. Watch the video above to learn more about how this wonderful technology boosts the body’s healing power. 

Healthwave can be used to treat:

The number of Shockwave treatments you’ll need depends on which of the above conditions from which you are suffering. However, most patients see relief with three to five sessions, scheduled in weekly intervals. Some patients experience relief after the first visit. The treatment sessions typically last about 5 to 10 minutes.

If you’re experiencing pain in the form of any of the above listed contitions, take the next step toward relief and visit us at Etheredge Chiropractic today!

What’s great about Shockwave, is that it’s non-invasive and has virtually no risks or side effects. In some instances, in extremely sensitive areas, patients may experience mild discomfort — such as bruising, swelling or reddness over the treatment area — that lasts a few days.

Shockwave therapy is not advised for patients who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or active maligancy.

Shockwave works by delivering the trans-cutaneous application of high energy acoustic waves directly to the area triggering pain. This technology was initially developed to break up kidney stones during lithotripsy, but research shows that many orthopedic injuries improve with Shockwave, which is also sometimes referred to as Healthwave. This non-invasive procedure does not involve needles or surgery and results are seen with only a few treatments.

The device works by delivering precise and targeted shock waves through a hand held wand. Deep tissues are able to be reached and there are no significant adverse effects. 

Shockwave is indicated by the FDA as a non-invasive treatment option for patients and works by delivering shock waves which are high energy acoustic waves. During the treatment, this wave is focused through a lens and transmitted into the body up to a depth of 4.7″. The shock waves interrupt pain pathways of inflammed nerves while stimulating cells and the body’s intrinsic healing mechanism. This leads to restoration of healthy functioning of cells and brings new blood flow to the area to encourage natural healing.