Muscle Sprain

Muscle strain or sprain: A muscle that is overworked or used awkwardly can strain, resulting in a stretch or tear that can cause pain, inflammation and muscular weakness. Strain of the lower back in particular, during lifting, pushing or pulling, is quite common among adults of all ages. Sudden pain when performing a task or sport indicates a muscle strain. Most strains respond well to proper rest, ice/heat therapy, elevation to reduce inflammation and compression to support the injured area and limit its use during healing. Also beneficial is Chiropractic therapy, including manipulation of the spine to assist nerve stimulation, improve circulation and promote flushing of pain chemicals from the body, ultrasound, massage and rehabilitation exercises to prevent re-injury of the site.

A sprain is somewhat different in that it involves a stretching or tearing of the ligaments that attach to bones, but it is just as painful. Sprains usually respond favorably to the same treatments as strains.