village chiropractors4Pain in the Hips, Buttocks & Legs (Sciatica)

Pain in one's hips, buttocks and legs usually originates in the lower (lumbar) spine, where nerves can become irritated by inflamed low back muscles, or pinched by degenerated or herniated discs. When a nerve in the low section of the spinal column gets blocked, pressed, aggravated or otherwise robbed of normal function, the pain can radiate to any area of the body served by that nerve. The sciatic nerve is a major source of lower extremity pain because it runs through the buttock where it joins the hip and down through the leg. The condition caused by malfunction of the sciatic nerve pathway is called sciatica, and its pain typically radiates through a hip and/or buttock, down the back or side of the leg and sometimes into the foot. The pain of sciatica can be very sharp or dull, burning or shooting, constant or intermittent.

In some cases, sciatica can be caused by the sciatic nerve being crowded or pressed by the piriformis, a large muscle located in the hip/buttock region. Usually in these cases the pain radiates through the affected buttock and down the back of the leg. The condition seems to be more prevalent among individuals who may have one leg long than the other, over- or under-pronation of the feet (often caused by high or flat arches) or a titled pelvis. Luckily most people suffering from piriformis syndrome are very responsive to properly administered Chiropractic care, which can restore balance and function to the lower spine, release muscles that may impinge the sciatic nerve and encourage proper nerve conductivity. Also helpful are stretches designed to keep muscles flexible and less prone to spasm and inflammation.