Spondylosis is a mechanical disorder caused by severe and ongoing muscle stiffness in the neck, which may result in the neck crooking forward. It is most common in people over 50 when a lifetime of poor posture and/or a lack of exercise have had time to create a spinal misalignment. Hunching over a desk or performing repetitive tasks, using improper head support while sleeping and other ergonomically inappropriate situations can force the upper spine into an unnatural forward angle that places direct pressure cervical discs, leading to neck pain that sometimes radiates down the arms to the hands or upward to the head, causing headaches.

Spondylosis sufferers often report that their adjacent upper back muscles are tense, tender and full of knots.

Treatment includes:

  • Adjusting the upper spine to allow the muscles of the neck and upper back to relax, inviting circulation to flush irritated tissues and nerves

  • Stretching exercises

  • Offering the patient ways to improve his/her posture and incorporate correct ergonomics into work and sleep habits

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