village chiropractors3Physical Therapy

Physical therapy refers to the mechanical treatment of injury and disease through exercise, stretching, massage, heat, passive movement and other methodologies designated to help improve the function of bones, muscles, joints, and nerves. At Etheredge Chiropractic, we offer full-service, in-house physical therapy as an integral part of many patient treatment programs promoting recovery and pain management. Our physical therapy options include:

Ultrasound - This relaxing and warming therapy uses high frequency sound waves to relieve muscular tension, spasm and inflammation. Its effective and soothing qualities make it one of our most popular healing therapies.

Massage - Our highly trained massage therapists work to help relax tight muscles, improve circulation to injured areas, and restore nerve function to inflamed or constricted tissues. Massage also helps prepare tense areas for healing spinal manipulation and adjustment.

Spinal Decompression Therapy - This passive, non-surgical treatment gently stretches compressed spinal bones to relive pressure on impacted vertebrae and discs that can cause pain and pinched nerves in the low back and/or neck. A SDT session can last as few as 20 minutes, yet provide relief from lumbar and cervical spine dysfunction, and alleviate referral pain through the legs (sciatica) or into the arm.

villages back pain treatment4Electrical Muscle Stimulation - EMS therapy introduces gentle electrical impulses to tense, constricted or inflamed soft tissues to promote circulation, release spasm and encourage healing.

Stretching - Your doctor may incorporate passive stretching to help relieve muscle tension and spasm and to carefully introduce greater range of motion to constrained muscles and tendons. He may also prescribe at at-home series of stretching and strengthening exercises to improve your flexibility and help prevent further or recurrent injury.