Rehabilitation & Exercise Fruitland Park FloridaRehabilitation & Exercise

Most injuries and conditions are greatly benefited by in-office and at-home care that works in tandem with proper Chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractic doctor in The Villages may suggest stretches for you to perform as needed to relieve pressure on your spine or limbs, along with common-sense strengthening exercises to promote stability and support and help prevent further problems. Appropriate aerobic exercise designed to suit your age and fitness level will also be recommended, to help heal, arrest and prevent disease and injury.

Other common sense practices will greatly minimize the pain and damage caused by certain injuries and pain syndromes, such as rest, ice and/or heat therapy, compression or supportive devices, and elevation of inflamed soft tissues.

By being an active part in your healthcare, you can help treat and prevent spinal degeneration or deformity, protect your spine and joints, improve your posture, resist injury and enjoy greater flexibility, strength and balance throughout your lifetime.

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