Chiropractic History

People may be under the impression that Chiropractic is a relatively modern treatment for pain and disease, but its roots can actually be traced back to Ancient Greece and China, and literature on its use dates back as far as 2700 B.C.

Its popularity in the U.S. began in the late 1800s, when the first Chiropractic college, Palmer School of Chiropractic, was established. (We are proud to report that the Palmer School is our own Dr. Etheredge's alma mater.) Chiropractic healing quickly gained popularity among patients seeking a specific treatment to relieve, arrest and prevent pain. During the 20th century, Chiropractic became an accredited and proven healing methodology, not only across the U.S., but around the world.

Supported by exhaustive scientific and clinical research, today Chiropractic is recognized and respected by other healthcare professionals, including MDs, as a non-invasive, prudent and valuable component of comprehensive patient care.