Lower-Crossed Syndrome

What is Lower-Crossed Syndrome?


Lower-Crossed Syndrome (LCS) is also referred to as Pelvic Crossed Syndrome. LCS is a neuromuscular condition in which there are tight and weak muscles. With LCS, tightness of the thoracolumbar extensors on the dorsal side crosses with the tightness of the iliopsoas and rectus femoris. Weakness of the deep abdominal muscles ventrally crosses with the weakness of the gluteus maximus and medius.

Common Symptoms:
Pain and dysfunction in the lower back
Decreased range of motion in the hip


An imbalance of weak muscle structure around the pelvis, glutes and abdominals, combines with tight hip flexors and a tight lower back.

Treatments for Lower-Crossed Syndrome, or Pelvic Crossed Syndrome, and the associated symptoms include:
– Exercise, core strengthening
– Range of motion exercises