Improve Posture & Mobility

Etheredge Chiropractic’s Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) shows patients stretching & strengthening exercises that work!

Improve Posture & Maintain Mobility

Did you know, the bent over posture associated with old age, sometimes referred to as the “Senior Shuffle,” is actually a result of years of bad posture habbits? 

In fact, in just a few minutes each day, you can avoid the Senior Shuffle, as well as uncessesary pain and discomfort, while at the same time improving how you look and feel.

Dr. Jennifer Paul serves as Etheredge Chiropractic’s Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP).  The CPEP program is the clinical standard for posture rehabilitation and improvement protocols for health professionals in the United States, and around the world.

During the program, patients meet with Dr. Paul once a week for eight weeks. During these visits, patients are shown posture strengthing exercises. When these exercises are incorporated into daily routine, they have a dramatic effect on balance, alignment, and symmetry of motion.

Most people who participate in the program and make the exercises part of their lifestyle, also report relief from neck pain and back pain.

If you’re ready to improve your posture and mobility, book a Posture Exercise Program appointment with Dr. Paul today!

Each session of your StrongPosture® exercise program will move you towards improving how you feel, and even how you look!

You can learn more about the StrongPosture® program here.