Choosing A Chiropractor in The Villages

Etheredge Chiropractic has have helped people find drug-free, non-surgical relief from pain for 30+ years.  


Many things have changed since chiropractors began helping people perform their best more than 125 years ago, but the one thing that remains constant is our commitment to helping people find relief from pain and improve their quality of life without drugs or surgery.

Your body’s ability to heal is truly incredible, and at the center of this healing ability is a strong connection between your brain and body.

Why it Matters: 

Your brain and body are connected by a perfectly complex system of nerves that control and coordinate everything that happens in your life.

Physical, mental, and chemical stressors can all wreak havoc on your body’s ability to process information.

Such disruptions can lead to pain, decreased functional abilities, and, in some cases, even chronic disease.

Did you know:

  • Wellness is the act of practicing daily healthy habits, not merely the absence of pain.
  • Lifestyle factors drive about 80% of chronic diseases.
  • Chiropractors have been trained to identify the lifestyle factors that may lead to health challenges and to help you address them proactively.

Next Steps:

You may think of chiropractors as the doctors who just adjust your back, but the truth is that  care at Etheredge Chiropractic in The Villages and Fruitland Park/Leesburg can offer you much more!

Working Dr. Etheredge, Dr. Joseph and Dr. Tantillo to find opportunities to be more proactive with your health will lead to better results, a higher quality of life, and a more positive approach to living.

If you believe in the body’s incredible healing ability like we do, it’s time to get adjusted in more ways than one.

Give us a call today at (352) 750-1200 or schedule an appointment now by clicking the button below. 

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