Elbow Pain

If you’ve been suffering from elbow pain or trouble gripping, read on for more information about, and treatments for Golfer’s Elbow.

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Elbow pain & Golfer’s Elbow Treatment at Etheredge Chiropractic:

Are you experiencing elbow pain and/or having trouble gripping? It could be a sign of Golfer’s Elbow.

Golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis) is an overuse, stress injury similar to tennis elbow (on the outside of the arm) with pain and discomfort being indicated on the inside of the elbow. The flexor muscle and tendons that control the wrist and finger movements become stressed and inflamed. This is also referred as throwers elbow or little league elbow pending on what type of action is the contributing factor of overuse.

Common causes for elbow pain/Golfer’s Elbow include:

  • Repeated wrist flexion or bending of the wrist, largely against resistance such as holding a golf club
  • It can also occur from overuse in throwing actions
  • Repetitive occupations such as manual jobs like carpentry, painters or computer keyboarding

Golfer’s Elbow Symptoms

  • Pain and tenderness on the inside of the elbow area
  • Decrease in gripping ability, such as holding objects or making a fist
  • Numbness or tingling radiating down to your fingers

If you’re experiencing elbow pain or symptoms associated with Golfer’s Elbow, take the next step toward relief and visit us at Etheredge Chiropractic today!