Bulging Disc

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If you’re experiencing back pain, a dull ache to severe pain in the spinal area it may be due to a Bulging Disc.

A Bulging Disc is a condition in which the cartilage between the spinal vertebrae begins to protrude from the area in which it normally exists. That protrusion resembles a small bubble that may compress on the surrounding nerves. A bulging disc may be a precurser to a herniated disc.

Common causes include:

  • Severe trauma, such as a car accident
  • Repetitive motion, mostly related to occupation
  • Improper lifting
  • Incident or trauma that ocurred with activity in contact sports

 Symptoms include:

  • Dull ache to severe pain in spinal area
  • Tingling, numbness or burning in extremities
  • Muscle weakness or spasm in extremities

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 Treatments for a Bulging Disc include:

Treatments for a bulging disc include spinal decompression, spinal manipulation, Laser therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound.